Time to start the filming

Well the time has come to start the filming. So tomorrow I will be out with the camera and seeing what I can find. Had a little look today and it was pretty quiet, but then you never know when something will happen or not. So the only way to do this is to do the hours and trust myself that I will find something interesting. (or at least more interesting than me babbling on to camera)

So time to sleep, gear is sitting ready to go. Batteries charged, lenses clear and data cards cleared. Wish me luck.

Hello and Welcome

Hello and welcome to Insights on Nature. Well I thought I should start with video of me saying something so here it is. As you can see even after all my years behind the camera once I get in-front of it I am frankly terrified. But its done and is what it is. Have a laugh by all means, I certainly did and at least you didn’t have to see all the outtakes.