Kangaroos in Snow

It is not something you see that often in sunny Australia, it is certainly not the cliche of Kangaroos bounding in desert landscapes and over open grasslands but when the great southern continent of Antarctica makes its presence felt in winter in Victoria, snow can be the result. For the Kangaroos they seem to take all the white stuff in their stride. They just keep on doing what they do, all be it a bit slippery and odd, but they really dont seem to mind much. That said joeys all seem to stay in the pouch. I’m not sure if its the mothers keeping the door closed, not wanting Joeys coming back with cold wet feet or if the joeys just think its nice to see but it looks cold out there.

Chasing Aurora again

Well my Aurora alarm went off so I thought I would have another go. It was looking good as online I was seeing some great shots coming in from New Zealand. Looking outside from home it was looking pretty clear so I set off to a spot I had found a few months ago while out looking for Greater Gliders.

It was a good place, high on the top of the divide with a great view of the southern horizon, its only issue was light pollution from Melbourne and quite a bit of cloud but it was worth a go. So I set up and took a few frames but could see nothing, but i decided to wait and see if anything happened. As it turned out I was too late, the Aurora had finished but I steadfastly hung in and changed the plan. I would do some timelapse and listen to the cricket on the radio while I waited. When the last wicket fell and Australia won the first test match against England I called it quits and headed home. You just never know what you will happen doing this job, sometimes nature plays the game and sometimes you just make the best of what you get.

Next time perhaps my luck will change.