Insights on Nature is Mark Lamble’s view and videos of life in the Natural World.



I am Mark Lamble, a career Wildlife and Nature cinematographer with more years behind the camera than I care to count. I truly love what I do and have traveled Australia (and the World) filming and have been lucky enough to receive many awards and accolades.  But now I am doing something very different and through a YouTube channel and this accompanying blog I am talking to you my audience directly.

For the  calendar year 2018 I will spend some of my time filming what I find interesting on my own slice of heaven, 8 hectares (20 acres) of open forest woodland in the Central Highlands of Victoria, Australia.  I will update this blog with a clip and chat about what I did, how I did it and my insights while I was out filming. You will see the wins and experience the frustrations of working with nature where you are most definitely not in control.

I look forward to your feedback, tell me what you like or not and most all let us all learn something new if you can add more information to what I have filmed.